Breast Cancer Rehabilitation - 22 CEUs Certification

The "Breast Cancer Rehab Certification" Includes an Online and a Live Portion. In order to receive the full certification you need to enroll in both ones. This certification teaches therapists to identify, assess and treat functional deficits that can result after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Lymphedema, radiation fibrosis, chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, post mastectomy pain syndrome, axillary web syndrome,  and cancer related fatigue are just some of the conditions addressed in this course.

Post Surgical MLD Techniques - 14 CEUs Live

Learn MLD techniques that are often prescribed by plastic surgeons after Brazilian buttock lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, face lift, and breast augmentations to facilitate healing. Incorporate MLD into treatment plans after elective orthopedic surgeries. Use MLD to help cancer patients recover after lymph node removal. Understand how to best incorporate MLD techniques into your practice as a physical therapist, occupational therapist or massage therapist to best lead your patients and clients on the road to recovery. As a bonus, learn relaxation techniques to help your patients reduce post surgical pain.

Cancer Rehabilitation Series - 37 CEUs Certification

The cancer rehabilitation series will provide therapists with a comprehensive understanding of rehabilitation as related to head, neck, breast, lung and gynecological cancers. Cancer rehabilitation focuses on identifying the secondary effects that can occur after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Therapists will learn valuable techniques to address pain, swelling, weakness, and range of motion deficits.  Upon completion of the series, the therapist will demonstrate competence providing treatment and creating a specialized plan of care that considers past, current and future medical interventions.